Camp clean up

Today was my camp clean up day. Or the start of it. It usually takes me less time that I’m actually away, so that’s something. 4 loads of washing later and I’m almost there. Probably another 2 or 3 to go though.

Thankfully it’s all drying really quickly in the hot weather we’re having. Got my tack and the lorry to clean once the washing is done. It’s amazing how dirty everything gets.

While I was hanging one load of washing out, I spotted this fuchsia in the border. It’s stunning. So vibrant! Made me smile. My garden is fairing OK in the heat. But we all need to start a rain dance soon…


Tonight I got to be interviewed by Lucinda Green on my experiences being part of her XC Academy.

I joined in February and I’ve learnt so much from it. We get such insight, knowledge and access to some incredible people. And Lucinda is amazing.

The thing it doesn’t cover is the amount of washing, tidying and cleaning needed when you get back from camp! I’ve spent most of the day cleaning the lorry, my tack, my boots…. And 6 loads of washing!!

Is this what it’s like to go away with children?! 🤪

And rest

I’m so glad I booked a massage for this morning. It was much needed after camp. Buddy is getting a few days off too.

I chilled today. Well in my manner. Caught up with some friends and did 3 loads of washing. It was good to get it on the line. Still got another two to go. But ran out of line space. 🤪

Hugo has discovered the joys of the sun lounger. He sat with me while I read in the shade. Boy it was hot today!

Enjoy the view

Day 146: enjoy the view. What a beautiful day it’s been. It’s been positively balmy. I got 3 loads of washing on the line. The first bloom on my camellia is starting to open. And I took Buddy out for a long hack.

It was rather windy, but it was one of those days where I just wanted to keep going.