This evening I did something a bit different. I was an extra in a real-life crime recreation programme. It was set in the early 90s and all I had to do was stand around chatting. As you can imagine, that was quite a stretch!!

In typical Pip-fashion, I ended up chatting with the leading lady and coached her as she was little nervous.

So who knows, I might be on TV.



I had to drive to Barnet today. On my way back, I stopped at Birchanger services and this made me smile. I loved how neatly they’d parked the bikes. Reminded me of watching ‘Chips’ as a kid. That was a fun TV show.

I bet it’s dated now. It’s funny how we remember things from our childhood. Good, bad and indifferent. Can you tell I listened to some training on healing your Inner Child?! 😝

Kitten TV

I was in full planning mode this morning when I heard lots of noise coming from the lounge. Seems the kittens were enjoying the latest episode of ‘Birdwatch Brundall’. Today it was brave pigeon eating berries next to the window. Hugo and Dodo were utterly transfixed.