Cloud busting

Buddy and I got trapped today. I was planning on taking him out for a hack. But as I was tacking up, the heavens opened and it threw it down!!

And not just rain, hail stones, thunder and lightening. A proper Summer storm. It was so heavy, I didn’t want to leave his stable. In fact I could barely see the other side of the stable yard. Eventually it eased enough for us to make a break to the indoor arena.

As you can tell Buddy was thrilled by it all.


Rescue mission

This poor little chap somehow managed to get trapped in my greenhouse today. Poor thing couldn’t work out how to get out and was flapping about. The kittens were rather interested in it all – thankfully they couldn’t get in.

After a lot more flapping and me ushering it towards the door, off it flew. Not a clue what type of bird it is, but hope it stays safe.