I’m back peopling at the chiro’s for another week. You could tell it was the 13th today as we got off to a bit of a shaky start with lots of things sent to try us.

Thankfully we had cause to smile when we were brought this yummy cherry and almond cake by a client. It was still warm from the oven (the best kind of cake in my eyes).

It also came in very handy when one of the patients collapsed with epilepsy. Good job I‘m calm in a crisis and have first aid training. I’ve also experienced people with seizures before so knew what to do.

She was very grateful for my support and compassion as I stayed with her while she recovered.

Compassion was a topic of conversation today as another patient saying she felt compassion had been replaced with self-righteousness. That really got me thinking…

My Nana used to tell me to treat people how you want to be treated. I’ve held onto that. And always try to do that. I really felt for the lady today. She needed compassion. And cake!


This quote came up on my memories. It a yearly reminder I guess to look back and recognise the journey I’ve been on this far.

Things have been challenging. I’ve had to face many things in the past few years alone. Let alone my lifetime so far. They don’t define me. But it’s sure part of my story.

Things continue to be challenging for me. I know many people who are struggling in one way or another too.

My ear is there to listen. My shoulder is there cry on. And my arms are there for hugs…

I’m grateful to the wonderful people I have in my life who regularly do the same for me. Thank you.

Support local

I love getting texts telling me where my blood donation has gone. It’s been sent far and wide. Looks like I’m supporting local this time and it’s only gone down the road.

Seems quite appropriate as I’m a member of Buy Local Norfolk. And I spent two nights at JPH when I had Covid.