Stay warm

Second time this week I’ve ended up in the local camping shop on a mercy mission. Today it was to buy a heater for the Buddymobile. I’m on driver / groom duties this weekend. We’re sleeping in the lorry and there’s no heating in the living. It’s a tad fresh out there so hoping it warms up a bit tomorrow. Otherwise it’s going to be a cold night even with the billion or so layers I’m taking.

The weather has been random to say the least. Bright sunshine one minute, high winds the next, then snow storms. Interesting riding with snow blowing in the arena. I think I was more weirded out by it than Buddy was.

Still on days like this, I’m grateful for the indoor school. And tomorrow it’ll be about making memories. Let’s hope the little heater does the job in the little lorry.



I thought I’d go and take a photo of the pretty hellebore in my garden. Hugo came to help. He kept getting in front of the flower and sniffing it. He so reminds me of Ferdinand the Bull. I often find him in the borders sniffing the flowers.

It was so lovely to be able to go out in the garden in the light when I got back from peopling. The nights are drawing out for sure. It’s amazing how much people’s moods have been lifted by the sunshine. Almost everyone who came in today commented on it.

We’re a bit like plants really. We need feeding, watering and a bit of sunshine. Simple really.

You are my sunshine

Took Buddy out for a long hack in the sunshine. I wanted to check he was OK after the issue with his shoe yesterday. Thankfully he was sound as pound. Where does that phrase comes from?

It was such a glorious day. Spring is definitely on the way. Nature is definitely waking up too.


My heart sank a little when I opened the curtains this morning. A heavy frost and thick white mist greeted me. After such a glorious few days, it really felt like Spring was on the way. It wasn’t long though before the sun broke through.

I spent most of the day on calls. The last one, I sat in the conservatory basking in the sunshine. And I spotted the tiniest glimpse of pink on the camellia buds. I must admit I got very excited about that! Thankfully the lady I was talking to completely understood. And retorted with a very large fox peeing in her garden. I love random conversations.


Buddy Boy became a Beach Boy today. Fab afternoon mooching about on Sea Palling. We totally lucked out with the weather! It was a glorious day.

After initially being slightly weirded out by the waves, Buddy was soon having a paddle. In fact he was rather enthusiastic in his paddling and soaked me!!

How stunning does the beach look?! I love Norfolk, I really do.

Autumn sunshine

I was reminded of a great quote today from Nathaniel Hawthorne. It goes ‘I cannot endure to waste anything as precious as Autumn sunshine by staying in the house’.

I couldn’t agree with him more. So after a morning of peopling, Buddy and I headed out this afternoon to enjoy it. It was sheer bliss. Just me and him against the World.

It’s a dog’s life

I’ve been dog sitting today, looking after these lovely girls. One of the advantages of running my own business is that I can work anywhere. So it was easy for me to camp out somewhere different for a change.

It was lovely to take them for a run at lunchtime. Well they did the running. I walked in the glorious sunshine.

Different vista

Buddy and I headed over to Thurne to meet up with a friend and her horse for a hack this morning. It’s been a while, so we had a lot to catch up. Good job we were out for 1.5 hours then.

There were so many boats on the Broads. It was lovely to see.

When I got back I decided to give Buddy’s bedroom a clear out and packed away his winter rugs. So I apologise now if we have a cold snap…