Autumn sunshine

I was reminded of a great quote today from Nathaniel Hawthorne. It goes ‘I cannot endure to waste anything as precious as Autumn sunshine by staying in the house’.

I couldn’t agree with him more. So after a morning of peopling, Buddy and I headed out this afternoon to enjoy it. It was sheer bliss. Just me and him against the World.

It’s a dog’s life

I’ve been dog sitting today, looking after these lovely girls. One of the advantages of running my own business is that I can work anywhere. So it was easy for me to camp out somewhere different for a change.

It was lovely to take them for a run at lunchtime. Well they did the running. I walked in the glorious sunshine.

Different vista

Buddy and I headed over to Thurne to meet up with a friend and her horse for a hack this morning. It’s been a while, so we had a lot to catch up. Good job we were out for 1.5 hours then.

There were so many boats on the Broads. It was lovely to see.

When I got back I decided to give Buddy’s bedroom a clear out and packed away his winter rugs. So I apologise now if we have a cold snap…

Last rays

What a beautiful day it’s been. And a very productive one too. Mowed both lawns. Tidied the garden. Ticked a few more jobs off the list. And finished with a lovely ride out with Buddy.

Hugo made me laugh as he clearly wanted to catch the last rays of the day. He found the one sunny spot left in the garden. He looks so happy up there.


Not my finest day. I woke up at 10am! With a head cold! Full of snot and fuzzy headed. Deep joy. Guessing I’ve overdone it over the past few weeks. 😩 So a day of rest and doing very little for me. God that’s dull?!

Yesterday I made a few decisions that would free up my day so I could catch up on stuff. That went out of the window.

Spent most of the day sunning myself in the conservatory with the kittens. Typical that the weather has improved too.

While sat there, I spotted something in the border, so went to investigate it. These masks get everywhere?! Guessing it was blown here yesterday in the high winds.

It’s now been put in the bin where it belongs.

Storm damage

What on earth has been up with the weather today?! Four seasons again. One minute to was sunny, the next chucking it down. Driving was fun as there was horizontal rain and gusts.

This made me laugh when I got home. Storm damage Chez Langley.

Four seasons

It was definitely four seasons in one day today. And no I’m not talking about the pizza or the hotel. Woke up to a dusting of snow. Then had sunshine, hail, snow, sleet and high winds! Sometimes all at the same time!

This was what Dodo thought of it. He and Hugo didn’t leave the house all day. Can’t say I blame them. I kept thinking that I would brave it to the yard when the sun shone, but 5 mins later it was snowing / hailing / sleeting.

Bizarre when last week I got sunburnt…

Pay it forward

What a fab day jump judging at Great Witchingham Horse Trails. It’s the first time in 3 years I’ve been able to do it and it was as much fun as ever.

There were some incredible horse and riders. It’s really inspiring watching top riders in action.

I got a bit emotional coming home. Sad that I’m not competing tomorrow. And sad that it looks like it’ll be their last BE season. So aiming to do the one they’ll be holding in July.

At least they’ll still be doing Unaffiliated Events so I’m aiming for them too. Watch out Buddy, we’re getting back out there.