I love finishing the day with a hack. There’s something wonderful about a Summer evening ride. It’s so still. And hardly a soul about.

Sadly the same can’t be said for the horseflies and other bitey creatures!! I put fly spray on Buddy. Which means they bother him less. The downside is that the bitey things then pick on me instead. I killed 8 horseflies tonight!

Honestly, we wait all year for nice weather. Then within minutes, the ground is too hard. It’s too dusty. And there’s too many bugs around. 😆

Can’t fault the view though…


Cloud busting

Buddy and I got trapped today. I was planning on taking him out for a hack. But as I was tacking up, the heavens opened and it threw it down!!

And not just rain, hail stones, thunder and lightening. A proper Summer storm. It was so heavy, I didn’t want to leave his stable. In fact I could barely see the other side of the stable yard. Eventually it eased enough for us to make a break to the indoor arena.

As you can tell Buddy was thrilled by it all.

Longest Day

Today is the Summer Solstice. Not that you’d know it, it’s blinking freezing here today. Back to jumpers and even got out the blanket again. Very odd weather. Last week I was in shorts! And complaining it was too hot.

What would we Brits do without the weather to talk about…?!