Camp clean up

Today was my camp clean up day. Or the start of it. It usually takes me less time that I’m actually away, so that’s something. 4 loads of washing later and I’m almost there. Probably another 2 or 3 to go though.

Thankfully it’s all drying really quickly in the hot weather we’re having. Got my tack and the lorry to clean once the washing is done. It’s amazing how dirty everything gets.

While I was hanging one load of washing out, I spotted this fuchsia in the border. It’s stunning. So vibrant! Made me smile. My garden is fairing OK in the heat. But we all need to start a rain dance soon…


Perfect blooms

This sight always makes me smile. It signals that Spring is in the air. The blooms are so perfect and vibrant. They almost look painted.

This year they seem to have more white in them than in previous years. Didn’t know that could happen. Not complaining as they look stunning.