Blooming marvellous

It’s felt very Spring-like today. I was tempted to hang the laundry on the line, it was that nice. I started the day with a bit of Spring cleaning too. Always feels good.

Spotted this beauty in the border. Think it’s a hellibore, but not totally sure. Whatever it is, it’s a stunner.

Be prepared

Today I gave the Buddymobile a good spring clean. The living is sparkling, the lockers are all tidy and everything is back where it lives.

As the lorry was out, thought I’d take the chance to load Buddy. It’s been a few months since we’ve been anywhere so always good to keep our hand in. He was fairly chilled and loaded several times.

Just need somewhere to go…

Spring cleaning

My carpet cleaner gave up the ghost. Well I worked out I must have had it 15 years, so not bad going. Bought a replacement and kinda got carried away today. Cleaned the lounge, office and my bedroom carpets. It’s made such a difference.

With 3 cats they were a tad filthy. Just look at the colour of that water!! 🤢