London Bridge speed

Read this really interesting article today at work. I knew all the rushing around would help somehow. I easily do 10 minutes of speedy walking a day.

Reminded me of when I first started commuting to London. London Bridge speed was definitely something I had to build up to. I was soon powering my way across the bridge to work. Used to feel sorry for the tourists and newbies who were somewhat tramped in the crowds. It was definitely keep up or get out of the way.

I can still leave people for dust when walking. Could be the speed or the rather long stride I have. Whatever it is, it’s good to know it’s doing me good.

Speed demon

This is the face of someone who’s just let her horse gallop flat out up the gallop strip.

First time this year. And very much needed.

Not as much control as I would have liked over the speed as someone wanted to run!! He was definitely embracing his TB breeding today.

But he came back as soon as I asked and that’s the main thing. 🐎😍 Good job we both love going fast.


I feel the need, the need for speed! First spin up the gallop strip today. And boy did we both need it! Buddy felt absolutely amazing. It’s such a great feeling letting him run.

Can’t believe how warm it was today! What a difference a week makes. Last week I didn’t have enough layers. This week I had too many!