Tonight I went to a Sound Bath in Hemsby. I hadn’t got a clue where I was going and ended up having a bit of a detour. Still made it on time. The Sound Bath was held in a yert, on a holiday park. It was really cool, the yert that is. I got to watch the light fad as the gongs played.

After feeling out of sorts for a few days, this was just what I needed. I’ll sleep well tonight. I always do after one.

Leaving to come home, the moon was so bright. It lit the way for me. It’s full at the moment, so could contributing to why I’ve been feeling weird.



Today I did two things I haven’t done before. One was go to an Escape Room and the second was wear a neon pink tutu!

I was on Hen Do Day. First up was a trip to the Escape Rooms. My team didn’t escape but we made it 96% of the way. Apparently we were in the harder room and we were one player down. The other team didn’t get out either. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I really enjoyed it. Oh and apparently we were very tidy.

Then afternoon tea and a Sound bath. It was a bit different for a Hen do. But it was perfect for the Hen. Lovely day with lots of new people.