Four seasons

It was definitely four seasons in one day today. And no I’m not talking about the pizza or the hotel. Woke up to a dusting of snow. Then had sunshine, hail, snow, sleet and high winds! Sometimes all at the same time!

This was what Dodo thought of it. He and Hugo didn’t leave the house all day. Can’t say I blame them. I kept thinking that I would brave it to the yard when the sun shone, but 5 mins later it was snowing / hailing / sleeting.

Bizarre when last week I got sunburnt…

Snow again?!

Is Winter mad at us?! Or did we upset Spring?! The weather is as odd as I felt yesterday. I can’t say I feel 100% but definitely better than I was.

I looked out the window earlier and the snow / hail was swirling around. Is that what it’s like to be in a snow globe?! Amazing the thoughts that pop into your head sometimes.


It was a rather squelchy hack today. The ground is saturated after rain / snow / more rain. Still a few bits of snow on the ground and lots of standing water. So of course we used it as a bit of event training.

Buddy was happy to be out again too. He stomped through the mud, crunched through the snow and splashed through the water.

Fingers crossed we get to put it to the test this year.

Just what I needed too to blow away some cobwebs.

Double trouble

Today I decided to long rein Buddy. He was a tad confused to start off with and just stood there. I know it’s been a few years since we last did it, but I wasn’t expecting him to just plant.

Eventually got him moving and ended up lunging him off both lines. He was an absolute star.

It’s good to switch things up. So grateful for our indoor arena right now I can tell you. The snow is beautiful. I’d like it to go now though…

Fed up

Today had been one of those day where I’ve been fed up. Not because anything major has happened. Just because. Fed up with the weather. Fed up with the restrictions. Fed up of being on my own. Fed up of not being able to do the things I love. Fed up of not being able to see the people I love. Fed up of not getting work. Fed up of feeling useless. Just fed up.

BUT it’s OK to feel like this. Lockdown Limbo is draining and gets us all down from time to time. As they say ‘we’re all in the same storm, but different boats’. Today I’m feeling fed up, battered and a tad seasick.

I’m not after sympathy. I know it will pass. And it’s not all bad at all. I’m very lucky in so many aspects of my life. I have a lovely house, 3 gorgeous cats, a handsome horse and so many wonderful people in my life. Just some days are harder than others.

Watching the kittens play in the snow did make me giggle. Love their footprints on the conservatory steps. You can tell which are Nero’s too.

And my parents had their Covid vaccination today. Roll on a brighter future for us all.