Snot funny

After feeling better yesterday, I took a turn for the worst overnight. Woke up at 6:30am sneezing, coughing and generally feeling pants. Called it and withdrew from the dressage competition I’d entered.

The body is amazing, but how the hell does it produce so much snot?! Mine seems to be every good at it! We’ve all got talents I suppose…

I’m disappointed as I was looking forward to getting back between the boards. Well done everyone who was out today. I was cheering you on (from my snot-induced coma).

If I’m honest, the preparation wasn’t the best. And it’s highlighted that our schooling has slidden as I’ve been focusing on jumping. So decided to get back to regular lessons again.

I’m not being hard on myself. I understand why we are where we are. I’ve been pulled in a lot of directions lately. Guess my body has decided that I need a bit of rest.

So I spent the day in my ‘sanatorium’ aka the conservatory. Another early night for me.


Not my finest day. I woke up at 10am! With a head cold! Full of snot and fuzzy headed. Deep joy. Guessing I’ve overdone it over the past few weeks. 😩 So a day of rest and doing very little for me. God that’s dull?!

Yesterday I made a few decisions that would free up my day so I could catch up on stuff. That went out of the window.

Spent most of the day sunning myself in the conservatory with the kittens. Typical that the weather has improved too.

While sat there, I spotted something in the border, so went to investigate it. These masks get everywhere?! Guessing it was blown here yesterday in the high winds.

It’s now been put in the bin where it belongs.