The cold I’ve been fighting off has taken hold so today has been a me day. The twig burner has been going all day and I’ve been snuggled on the sofa with the kittens. They’re not the best ‘nurses’ but they do make great hot water bottles.

I watched a couple of movies. First Aquaman (I’m a fan of DC), then Despicable Me 3 (I’m a fan of animated movies). Polar opposites but equally enjoyable.

Early night for me I’m guessing! Normal service will be resumed soon.



Day 432 of being ill. OK Day 4 and I’m utterly bored of it now. I’ve rested for 3 days and it’s still got a hold of me. I’m even boring myself writing about it. 😂

At least the weather has been kind. So I’ve been back in the sanatorium today. Did manage to make it to the yard to see Buddy and a little bit of work. So that’s progress. More resting and patience for me.

I am definitely getting better as I had to resist the urge to mow the lawn. That would be a step too far right now. But it’s on the list!


Sometimes you just have to admit defeat, head to the sofa and watch a Disney film.

Not my best day. Felt quite low today so lots of tears this morning. Like my body needs to expel more fluids (yes, I am still with snot). I’m frustrated with it all. I know that I get like this when I’m ill. I also know it will pass and I’ll be back to normal service soon.

Nurse Hugo has been very attentive. His purrs are definitely healing. 😍


So today saw the return of Pip’s Sanatorium as I woke up full of cold and feeling decidedly crappy. Not a clue where it’s come from but it’s not Covid. That would be very unfortunate for me to get it twice.

My plans for showjumping had to be scrapped and I retreated back to bed.

Thankfully the weather was glorious so it was kinda nice to sit in the sunshine. Feeling like I’ve been punched repeatedly in the face right now. Not that I’d know what that feels like. This is what I’d imagine it feels like anyway.

Hoping that more sleep will mean it goes as quickly as it arrives. It’s been ages since I was sick. Still not a fan…