Pretty toes

Today I did something that I haven’t done for years. I painted my toenails. Not sure what came over me. But it made me very happy. OK, so they do look like a small child has done them. But who cares?!

Self-care comes in many guises. This was mine for today.

His and hers massages

Today was a bit of a self-care one with massages all round.

First Sam from Touch Equine came to check Buddy. I wanted to get him checked after not feeling quite right on Tuesday. She found quite a few tight spots. Buddy can be rather expressive so it’s clear when she hit a tight spot.

Then it was my turn for a massage with Jess Greenacre Massage Therapist. She found a few tight spots too. I’m not as expressive as Buddy though…

Blue skies

What a difference a week makes (and a few good nights sleep). Last week we were confined to barracks due to the storms. Today it was beautiful sunshine.

Think Buddy was as happy as I was to be back out hacking. It’s amazing how the weather can affect your mood. And a lack of good quality sleep. Self-care comes in many guises. This is definitely part of mine.


Today was a bit of a self-care day. With a lot of tidying, cleaning and general decluttering going on. Well that was the plan. Kinda feel like I moved stuff around the house or into the garage.

Now the garage needs a good tidy!! That’s on the list too.

Took Buddy out for a long hack this afternoon. The maize has grown even taller. It was windy so it makes quite a noise. I know I say it a lot, but I do love where I live.

I mean, just look at that view…


Well I don’t know how Buddy feels today, but I’m a tad achey. Definitely feeling it after yesterday.

After catching up on house jobs, I headed to the sofa for a bit of self-care Pip-style. I haven’t watched Wall-e for ages. I’d forgotten how lovely it is. A pretty good end to a pretty good weekend.