Muppet brain

Well it appears my brain isn’t firing on all cylinders. Today I managed to wipe all my WhatsApp messages. And last night I forgot to put Buddy’s rug on after I lunged him. I’ve never done that before.

All was forgiven when I arrived for our saddle fitting. Liz was very impressed with how Buddy is looking. He’s gone down a dress size as he’s leaned out more. And muscled up in the right places. Always lovely to hear that your horse looks good.

Buddy felt great in the adjusted saddle. And was very happy to have parsnips afterwards.

I’m hoping that my brain returns to full working order soon. Not sure if it’s the menopause, relaxing or something else. Whatever it is, I’d like my brain back please.


Saddle sore

Buddy had his saddle check today. It was a good news / bad news situation as I kinda thought it might be.

The good new is that his jump saddle needed flocking and a change of girth strap position to help the balance (we’re both wonky). He’s templating more evenly each time too. And the saddler said he’s looking really good at the moment.

The bad news is that the dressage saddle is a no-no. I kinda thought it was going to be the case after his adverse reaction to it a few weeks back. I got to ride in two other saddles and the different was amazing. He came up through his shoulders. And was so soft in the contact. I always amazed at how a different saddle can make such a difference. But then I guess it’s like a good fitting bra or running shoes.

It seems Buddy has very expensive tastes. Typically he preferred the most expensive option. It’s going on the wishlist.

So anyone want to buy a dressage saddle or a kidney…?! 😂

But the best news was that Buddy felt amazing jumping in his newly adjusted saddle.

Two halves

Today we headed back to Forest Edge Arena for a BHS clinic with Jo Winfield. We haven’t been back there for a while. Buddy soon made himself at home.

We had a 9am lesson so meant a rather early start for us. Then we arrived super early as traffic wasn’t as bad as I’d thought. Better that way than late I guess.

Our first lesson was flatwork and a bit of a washout as Buddy didn’t feel right. Wasn’t sure if he’d tweaked something or it was because he hadn’t had a chance to loosen up.

Thought I’d take him for a hack round the forest so said I’d change my saddle from the dressage to my jump. Jo suggested I come back first. The difference in him was marked. So it seems it could be the saddle that was the issue. Or maybe he’s just not a fan of early morning work…

Second lesson this afternoon and Buddy was back to his normal exuberant self and by the end we were jumping round a course of 90s. Such a relief I can tell you.

I will get him checked over, just to be on the safe side. I’ve got the saddle fitter out soon so will stick to my jump for now. And looks like I may have to start saving my pennies for a new dressage saddle. Buddy has expensive taste in saddles. Anyone need a kidney?!


One thing I’d forgotten about Eventing is the amount of stuff you need. And the amount of washing there is to do afterwards! Once again, my conservatory looks like a Chinese laundry.

Got 2 saddles and a bridle to clean but ran out of steam. It’s totally worth it though.

Saddle love

Looks like Hugo has decided to embrace side saddle today. He really does love sleeping on my dressage saddle. Made me giggle when I saw him perched on it.

Today is also 3 years since I bought my Fairfax jump saddle. I may have had a mild panic at the cost, but there hasn’t been a ride in it when I regret it. It’s still the most comfortable saddle I’ve ever ridden in.