My brother

This is a sad time of the year for me as I remember my brother who died in 2004. We weren’t close but it still makes me sad every year that he’s not here.

So tonight I’ll shed a tear for him, light a candle to remember him and raise a glass to his memory. Here he is bringing in the new year at the Millennium Dome. I love this photo of him doing what he loved most.

Wherever you are, I hope the decks are hot, the drinks are cold and the party is banging. RIP Chris.



The house feels odd without him. I keep thinking he’ll come trotting through the doorway. I’m all cried out. There can’t possibly be any tears left. And then they come again.

I’m grateful I gave him a great life. And he gave me so much love.


Nero (03/07/07 – 28/06/2021). Today I said goodbye to Nero. He’s been my shadow for 13 years. He’s been by my side through so many ups and downs in that time.

I’m heartbroken. But watching him struggle was equally heartbreaking.

I made the right decision for him. It was easy and tough all at the same time.

I’m sat here in floods having snuggles with the kittens. Another end of an era.

RIP my handsome boy. I gave you the best life I could.

RIP Philip

Sad news that the Duke of Edinburgh has passed away today. My thoughts are with The Queen and his family.

I met him once. Well I say I met him. I embarrassed myself in front of him. My parents took me to The Royal Tournament at Earls Court. The Prince walked past where we were sitting. And I piped up ‘Oh look, there’s Princess Philip’. 🤦🏻‍♀️

It seems I’ve always had a way with words…. Not sure if he heard, but he did smiled.