After rushing around so much recently, it was a bit weird to have a day in my office. But much needed. I wasn’t feeling terribly motivated to start off with. So broke my to-do list down so that I could tick off lots of little tasks first.

It worked as I seemed to crack through things. And had a very productive day.



This resonated with me today. I’ve definitely done this over the past decade.

I’ve had a rather productive day. I allowed myself time to reflect and feel the emotions around today. Then I cracked on with my day.

Trust is an interesting concept. One I’ve struggled with over the years. But I’m learning to trust myself, my abilities and my journey.

Meetings galore

Today was all about meeting! Lots of them. I had back to back meeting from 9am to 5:30pm. I haven’t had a day like that for a while.

As they were all video calls, the cats made several appearances of course. They love to get in on the action. If they’re not trying to sit on my lap, they’re thundering round the house. Or joining the conversations by wailing as they play fight.

It made me laugh that’s for sure. Still all of my meetings were very productive indeed! 2023 looks like it could be a very busy year for my business.