Rose to the occasion

Took my friend Colette over to Peter Beales Roses for her birthday outing. We had a lovely lunch, then wandered round the garden and garden centre.

It was a bit chilly, but we managed to avoid the showers. Lots of the roses may have gone over, but there was still a lot to see.

As a child, I was brought up with birthday outings. I’m so glad that I can continue this tradition with my friends too.

Afternoon jaunt

Buddy and I headed over to catch up with a friend and her horse this afternoon. It’s always fun to go and ride in a new place. Not sure how far we went, but we we’re out for 1.5 hours.

The stubble looked so appealing but with no real rain for months now, it’s way too hard to canter on. Maybe next year, we can go back for a blast. But this year, we stuck to walk.

We chatted the whole way round. A fabulous way to spend the afternoon. We’ll definitely be back soon.


Headed out with my friend Colette today for my 4th birthday outing. We were heading to East Ruston Gardens till we realised it was closed. Quick scramble to come up with a new plan and we headed off to Sheringham Park to see the rhododendrons.

Boy they did not disappoint!! The colours were so vibrant. Another place ticked off my Norfolk bucket list.


So this was my birthday outing today. My friend Helen took me to see the owls and other birds of prey. I was rather giddy as I’m a big fan. I love watching them and am lucky to see a lot around my house.

They’re so majestic. We saw a flying display while we were there. It’s amazing how nimble they are. Some got really close as they dived down. Just incredible.

Then we met up with more friends for dinner. We ate, we laughed, we were the last ones in the restaurant.

Now home with a big smile on my face. Thank you everyone who’s made my birthday so special.

Houghton Hall

What a fab horsey day out at Houghton Hall. Feeling very inspired watching the action. Also feeling a tad tired after walking 6.5 miles round the course. Though I was ‘sausage dog’ assisted as I was towed round for a lot of it. Well when he wasn’t humping my leg. 🤦🏻‍♀️ What can I say, it’s my animal magnetism…?!

I shall sleep well tonight for sure! 😴

National Trust

Today my friend Colette took me to Felbrigg Hall NT for my birthday outing. First time I’d been there. In fact it was the first time I’d heard of it. So glad we went though. It’s beautiful there. Wandered round the walled garden, had lunch in there cafe, then wandered some more through the woods and to the lake.

It was a lovely day indeed. And we managed to include a saddlery and a garden centre on the way back.

XC at last

Oh my days, it was good to be back at Blackwater and XC schooling. It’s been 6 months since our last trip there.

There have been a few changes. The addition of a new practise jump was not to Buddy’s liking. Resulting in my sharp exit stage right. Slightly winded, I got back onboard and we got over it eventually. What is it about me and practice fences?!

After that he was such a good boy. We were both a bit rusty and it showed. Still there were lots of positives to take away from today.

Retro treats

I think I’ve earnt these today. After walking for 3 hours yesterday, I rode for 2 hours today. Burnt one or two calories I’m guessing.

Buddy and I popped our High Ash cherries today. Can’t believe it’s taken me so long to get there. Definitely worth the wait though.

The sun shone and so did Buddy. He took everything in his stride. Including his first encounter with pigs! He wasn’t bothered at all.

We were so busy chatting that I completely forgot to take a photo. Buddy loved it too. Especially the gallops.