Keep on rolling

Thought I’d give Buddy a hose down after our ride today. It’s been so warm, he was a little sweaty (as was I as I got my layers totally wrong).

Walked him out to the fields to dry off in the sunshine and he rolled! 😂 I didn’t have my phone to capture his enthusiastic rolling efforts. But here is the aftermath.

Took ages to brush the wet mud off so that I could put his rug back on. Made me laugh as he looked so happy with himself.


Bog monster

Buddy fully embraced his Irish breeding with a well-deserved mud pack roll in the sunshine. Seems appropriate as it’s St Patrick’s Day.

He definitely earned it after a cracking jumping lesson this morning with Lewis from Neric Equestrian. The improvement on our last lesson was marked. So were the heights as ‘Whack ‘em up Palmer’ was on full form.

We were flying 1m+ jumps by the end. Put the biggest smile on my face. Even with an unscheduled dismount. When it’s good, my goodness it’s good!! Need to get out to a competition and put it all into practise.


Today I met up with an ex- work collegue for a rather blustery walk. She took me round Salhouse and I got to see Salhouse Hall. Goodness me, I had no idea it was so big or old. We saw a huge red stag and deers too.

Worth the hike through mud, floods and biting winds. So glad I wrapped up warm. We were walking for 2 hours. It’s good to walk and talk.


Well Buddy excelled himself today! And not just in the mud stakes. He happily jumped through a double without hesitation or running out.

We nearly didn’t do anything as I left my saddle and bridle at home. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I took them home to clean after the show on Sunday and totally forgot to pick them up.

Luckily it’s a 3 min drive back to mine from the yard. A quick round trip sorted that one out.

Then I saw the mud. Buddy seemed rather pleased with himself. Don’t blame him. It was a glorious day and wonderful he can go out naked.


It was a rather squelchy hack today. The ground is saturated after rain / snow / more rain. Still a few bits of snow on the ground and lots of standing water. So of course we used it as a bit of event training.

Buddy was happy to be out again too. He stomped through the mud, crunched through the snow and splashed through the water.

Fingers crossed we get to put it to the test this year.

Just what I needed too to blow away some cobwebs.