The Buddymobile failed its MOT last week so I’ve had a nervous few days while it’s been fixed. Picked it back up this morning after being sorted and retested. Such a relief. Though I will be eating bean on toast for a bit…

I’ve had my little lorry nearly 3 years now. And I bloody love it! I smile every time I take it for a spin.

It got a new admirer today as a woman stopped me at the petrol station to ask if it was for sale. She said it was just what she was looking for. We got talking about horses, as you do.

Typically I can’t go anywhere as it’s too hot to travel Buddy right now. He seems to have adapted to the hot weather much better than I have. Today I found I’d empty the recycling bin in to the garden waste bin. Not a clue when I actually emptied the recycling bin.

Roll on cooler days and my brain firing on all cylinders again.


MOT time

Yes it’s that time of the year again, MOT time! I spent the morning waiting for news like an expectant father. Sadly, it’s bad news. Another year, another failure. New headlight and something to do with my rear brakes.

The headlight’s been on the list to sort for ages so annoyed with myself for that. As for brakes, I had the fronts sorted earlier in the year so guess it was time for the backs to go. They’d seized or something. Good job I haven’t been driving long-distances… oh wait.

Times like this when I’m grateful for my little lorry. My car won’t be back till Monday so looks like I’m trucking this weekend.


My little lorry passed it’s MOT today. Needed a new tyre and a light bulb but apart from that we’re all good.

Honestly it’s so tense waiting to hear from the garage. It really is.

As you can see, Buddy was happy with the news too.