Happy hippo

Buddy truly excelled himself today in the hippo stakes! He fully embraced his Irish bog monster breeded.



My little boy was flying this afternoon. Mostly away from the hedge that clearly had monster in it. 🤦🏻‍♀️

He’s been in this school thousands of times, but every now and then he decides that the far end of the arena is deadly territory.

I’ve been reading a cracking book called ‘Horse Brain, Human Brain’. It’s really helping me get inside his head.

At least today, we jumped all the jumps. In the right order. With impulsion. And a little bit of style. I’ll take that!!

Maize monsters

Buddy was convinced there were monsters in the maize tonight. It’s shot up so is now over our heads! The wind probably didn’t help as it was rustling rather loudly.

His little ears were going like radar dishes. Thankfully no monsters. And he quite likes eating the leaves.

He much prefers walking past the sugar beet. Such a stunning view.