Feed me

This is either the face of a cat who’s missed me while I was at work. Or the face of a cat who wants to be fed. You decide?!

Whichever it was, Dodo was very attentive when I got back and fired up the laptop to do some client work.

He really has grown into a rather handsome chap.


Missed me

Well I think it’s safe to say that I’ve been missed. After spending 11 nights in other people’s beds (not like that smutty), I’m really looking forward to sleeping in my own bed tonight.

After sleeping with two dogs on the bed, I think I will have two kittens on the bed tonight. That’s if Hugo let’s me off the sofa. I’m kinda pinned right now.

Brace yourself

Buddy had his annual visit from the dentist. He wasn’t sure to start off with, but he soon settled. The dentist said he’s got really good teeth. So that’s really good to hear.

It was so wonderful to see Buddy. He came wandering over to see me when I went to get him in. After he’d had his teeth done, I lunged him. After over a week off I wasn’t sure what to expect. He threw some interesting shapes. He does makes me laugh sometimes.

He was really cuddly afterwards. I think he’d missed me too.

Oops he did it again

Buddy 2 – Rugs 0. Buddy had ripped another rug by getting it hooked on to the stable guard. So the chain links have been covered with tape and I’ve bought two new rugs.

Buddy has obviously decided that if you’re going to do a job, you might as well do a proper job! Not sure my sewing skills are that good.

Still I can excuse him lots of things when he was so pleased to see me today. And most of his rugs were bought for Murphy or Phoenix. So now he has a range of rugs of his own. Fingers crossed these last!


I think someone missed me. He’s been a limpet since I got back. Long journey back as there was an incident near the Dartford Tunnel.

One thing’s for sure, I’ll be looking forward to sleeping in my own bed tonight.