More miles

The Comedy Car has done me proud over the past few weeks. We’ve clocked up a lot of miles. Last week, we drove to Wales and back. This week, we’ve driven to Birmingham and back.

Driving back today was a tad hairy in the rain. The Comedy Car isn’t built for speed. But it makes me smile as I’m driving along. For a small car, it’s really comfortable.

Yesterday it got through another MOT. Always a good thing!

I found this photo on my phone from when I parked it in a little gap (technically not a space) in the car park at Celtic Manor. Sometimes there are advantages to a small car.

Flip flop fail

Today is a sad day. My favourite flip flops broke. I’ve had them so long that I can’t really remember where I bought them. It was on a holiday I’m sure. But since then they’ve been my chosen footwear round the house each Summer. They’ve been on holiday with me. They’ve been to camps too.

I might try and fix them but I fear I may have to bin them and break in some new ones.

I wonder how many miles they’ve covered. I’ve definitely got my money’s worth from them.