The cold I’ve been fighting off has taken hold so today has been a me day. The twig burner has been going all day and I’ve been snuggled on the sofa with the kittens. They’re not the best ‘nurses’ but they do make great hot water bottles.

I watched a couple of movies. First Aquaman (I’m a fan of DC), then Despicable Me 3 (I’m a fan of animated movies). Polar opposites but equally enjoyable.

Early night for me I’m guessing! Normal service will be resumed soon.


Tomorrow I turn 52. I’m honestly not sure where the years have gone. One things for sure, I’m nowhere near done!

I’ve packed a lot into each spin around the sun. I’ve tried to live my life to the fullest. To be a kind, caring and loving person. To help others where I can. To make a life that I’m proud of. And be a person to be proud of too!

I’ve had many highs and lows, ups and downs, adventures and disasters. I’ve got many scars. I’ve got more memories. I’ve done things I didn’t think I could.

Tomorrow I will celebrate my birthday. I will raise a glass to celebrate me. And I hope you will raise one to me too.