Birthday nibbles

It’s Buddy’s birthday. He’s a teenager now at the ripe old age of 13! Let’s hope we get more maturity and he doesn’t embrace his inner ‘Kevin’.

I got him a massage for his birthday. Auntie Sam came to see him. I also got him some birthday nibbles. He was very appreciative of the nibbles and his massage. Well apart from his rather tight hamstrings.

Given the amount of work and travelling he’s done recently, I’m hardly surprised. I was expecting more tight spots. I’m pretty sure I have a few more than he does.



I had my first massage of 2023. today. Don’t worry I won’t be doing a post on every first for the year. This was the first massage that I’ve had since October, it was very much needed! My knots had knots, on top of knots!!

Practically floated out!

Spa day

Buddy had a spa day today. He started the day with a sports massage. And finished with a pedicure. Honestly, he’s such a pampered boy. But he’s totally worth it!

He definitely has a bigger support team as I do! It’s working as he’s looking amazing right now.


Auntie Sam came to see Buddy today. It’s the first time she’s been to see him since she’s been on some new training. She now does Myofascial Release too. Well Buddy sure released!!

It was fascinating watching him process everything and then releasing. He had a lot of tight spots. Weirdly exactly where I thought they’d be. So shows how in tune we’re getting.

I know how good I feel after a treatment. Hoping Buddy feels the same.

His and hers massages

Today was a bit of a self-care one with massages all round.

First Sam from Touch Equine came to check Buddy. I wanted to get him checked after not feeling quite right on Tuesday. She found quite a few tight spots. Buddy can be rather expressive so it’s clear when she hit a tight spot.

Then it was my turn for a massage with Jess Greenacre Massage Therapist. She found a few tight spots too. I’m not as expressive as Buddy though…

And rest

I’m so glad I booked a massage for this morning. It was much needed after camp. Buddy is getting a few days off too.

I chilled today. Well in my manner. Caught up with some friends and did 3 loads of washing. It was good to get it on the line. Still got another two to go. But ran out of line space. 🤪

Hugo has discovered the joys of the sun lounger. He sat with me while I read in the shade. Boy it was hot today!

Lovely day

Today has been a lovely day indeed. A lovely long walk and picnic lunch with a lovely friend. This was our view at lunch as we headed to the RSPB bird reserve.

Then we headed up the road and she got to meet Buddy. Think she was quite enamoured with him. He was definitely enamoured with her polos. 😉

Finally I had my first massage of the year. Honestly, my tight bits had tight bits! Feeling floppy now.

Just lovely…