London Bridge speed

Read this really interesting article today at work. I knew all the rushing around would help somehow. I easily do 10 minutes of speedy walking a day.

Reminded me of when I first started commuting to London. London Bridge speed was definitely something I had to build up to. I was soon powering my way across the bridge to work. Used to feel sorry for the tourists and newbies who were somewhat tramped in the crowds. It was definitely keep up or get out of the way.

I can still leave people for dust when walking. Could be the speed or the rather long stride I have. Whatever it is, it’s good to know it’s doing me good.

All the Queen’s Horses

Oh my goodness what an incredible day!! I got to walk in the London New Year’s Day Parade as supporter for my friend Sam and her amazing Haffy Halo!

It was worth the 4:15am alarm call. The Buddymobile made good time to Hyde Park ready for the parade briefing. After a leg stretch through Green Park for Halo, it was time to get Sam into her stunning costume.

Then we headed to the start of the parade. The crowds cheered and waved. And I’ve never said ‘Happy New Year’ so many times!

The atmosphere was electric. I couldn’t get over how well-behaved the horses were.

After we’d finished the parade, we headed to Horseguards Parade for a photo. Then up The Mall to have more photos outside Buckingham Palace. What an honour!

Definitely a special way to start 2023. Lots of memories made today, that’s for sure!!

We will all sleep well tonight….

Big smoke

This was my office today. Another early start as I was on the 6:30am train to London. I was part of the events’ team running an AGM. The venue was in Smithfield Market. The windows were stunning. One of the sun’s was missing. Apparently it was blown out in WWII.

The day was very successful and ran very smoothly. I also got to go on the new Elizabeth line. Super cool. Literally, as it’s all air conditioned. Good job too as it was rather hot today.

I love being back in London. Having worked there for many years, it’s so familiar and comfortable.

Now on the way home.

Night at the museum

When you’re walking to the tube and you walk past the Natural History Museum. How stunning does it look?!

Brilliant day in London. Got to flex my creative comms muscles and add value to a new project. Can’t give anything away yet. But exciting times ahead! 👏🏻

Down South

When I drive past this viaduct, I know I’m almost at my parents. Today it looked so beautiful in the evening sunshine.

For many years, I went over this on a daily basis on my way to London as it’s the main London to Brighton train line.

It really is a stunning piece of architecture.