Today has been a bit of a surreal day. I drove to Essex, took some photos and drove home. I love the bonkersness of my life, I really do.

I was very tempted to stop at Colchester Zoo on my way home. I do love a zoo. But I’ll save that pleasure for another day.

I used the driving time well, catching up on some phone calls and podcasts. I dread to think how many miles I’ve drive in the past week or so. Let’s just go with a lot. Good job I love driving too.


Thatch the way

Check out this stunning location I went to today for a client meeting. It’s an old farm building that’s been turned into offices.

I’m so thankful that I get to go to different locations and do so many different things with my business. And my life.

The older I get, the more I crave experiences and memories rather than material stuff. I love the life I’ve created. Don’t get me wrong, I have my challenges, stresses and disappointments. But I’m grateful for every lesson, opportunity and challenge.

Family time

This picture makes me happy. My Dad is home and resting. My Mum is really happy to have him back. Fingers crossed his recovery continues.

Getting older sucks. The last 3 years have been incredibly tough for me and my family. Both of my parents have had life-threatening episodes. I swear they’re tag-teaming! It’s been one thing after another with them. It was only 3 months ago we were in the same situation with my Dad.

But I’m grateful I still have two parents. Hopefully there won’t be any more emergency hospital trips for a while.

It’s made me think about my future. Everyone has an expiration date, we just don’t know what it is. One thing is for sure, I’m planning on enjoying every minute I have left.


I’ve had a frustrating day. Was meant to hack with a friend, but the weather put pay to that. We took a rain check till tomorrow instead.

Arrived for my 5:30 blood donation appointment to be told they’d sent me a text to say they were cancelling it due to staff shortages. I checked my phone. Text arrived at 5:07 while I was driving there.

They said they’d made the decision at 10:30 to prioritise other blood groups. Phoned to complain. Again. Second time this has happened now. Last time I didn’t get a text at all.

Never mind, thought I’d go and lunge Buddy. Then remembered I had a webex at 7pm. Dialled in and it had been moved to 8pm. Doh!

So my day was been a fluid as the weather.

Hungry stuff

Day 2 of camp. Or Day 1 of lessons. It’s been brilliant. Course jumping this morning and XC this afternoon.

Buddy was definitely up for it! Lots of comments on how well he’s looking and how fit he is. Bit too fit as we flew around XC a tad fast at times.

Still we started together and finished together.

He also got weighed today. He’s now 651kg. The lady from Spillers wanted to take him home with her. 😊

It’s hungry stuff this camp lark. Buddy is loving the clover up the hill.