Fun facts

It’s amazing the things you find out while peopling. Today I was reading an article all about the benefits of cheese.

Who knew that cottage cheese was so good for you?! Not totally sure I fancy eating it before bed though. But I will definitely look at it differently. Might have to get some to eat after riding…


Burning calories

Back home after another fab BHS Clinic at Forest Edge. One night in the lorry, two lessons with Jo Winfield and lots of lightbulb moments.

It was blissfully quiet and relaxed. I’m so glad we decided to stay last night. Buddy had a very good night judging by the amount of shavings on his rug. I had a cozy night too. I love sleeping in my little lorry.

We both worked hard in our lessons today. Buddy had to work even harder in our jumping lesson with some bending lines. We were also working on the quality of his canter between jumps. He was ravenous afterwards. He burnt a lot of calories it seems.

Camp fun

I’m home after the second day of camp. And what a fun day it’s been. Woke up to thick fog. A total whiteout. So wasn’t sure how our XC lesson would go. I needn’t have worried as the sun burnt through and I was soon wishing for the cool.

I have to admit, I was a little apprehensive about taking Buddy out on the course. It’s been a few months since we had a run. And the last ODE we did there, we had to withdraw. But I needn’t have worried. We were storming round the fences before I knew it.

There were lots of positives to take. Just one blip where Buddy obviously thought there were lions behind the fence as he really wasn’t happy. One thing I know about my boy is that he doesn’t over-react without good reason. Got him settled eventually. And we carried on.

Came back with a huge smile on my face! When I got back I heard that there had reports of a puma sighting nearby, so who knows?!

After lunch, we did a grids lesson. We were both tired, but still got a lot from it. It was a very different grid – working on straightness and adaptability. I’ll be setting that up at home.

We’ll both sleep well tonight, that’s for sure. I do love going to training camps. I’ve met so many fab people that way. We have such a laugh too. Here’s to more next year!


Someone is very relaxed being back at Blackwater for our last camp of the year. He looked like he was playing peekaboo behind his haynet.

He really does love a B&B. And so do I. I’m tucked up in my lorry. As I was away last weekend, I didn’t put the bed away! So one less job to sort out.

We had two lessons today. Poles this morning and course jumping this afternoon. Buddy was great in both. I managed to make both more complicated that it needed to be.

It’s good to be back learning again though.

More firsts

Well today has been one of more firsts. Buddy and I made our debut representing Carleton Riding Club. We were in two teams no less! And first time jumping at Geldeston.

First up was Style Show Jumping. I’m going to be honest here, I’d never heard of Style SJ before. Rarely has the word ‘style’ been used in a complimentary way about my jumping. Well apart from being told I’m an elegant faller… So I wasn’t sure what was going to happen.

To come away with 6th place was a huge surprise. Especially as it was a challenge getting round the course. Buddy wasn’t feeling jumping this morning. Still we jumped all the jumps (not necessarily first time) and we put a score on the board for the team. Thankfully the other members were much more stylish so the team ended up in 3rd place.

Then onto SJ and the 80cm team. I took a jumping whip with me this time and made sure that Buddy was moving off my leg in the warm up. He was a bit shocked when I gave him a little tap. But was soon flying the practise jumps.

A couple of feral moments in the ring with two run outs and a pole down. Disappointed with it but I know I overrode it. Still we started together and finished together, even when I lost a stirrup and had to jump the double without it.

Another regroup before going back into the second round. A bigger and longer track this time. Oh my goodness, Buddy was so much more confidence. I let it flow and we were clear to the last two. Sadly we had them both down. But I was thrilled to finish on a much better note.

So imagine my surprise when I heard our team won! Again, grateful that the other team members were much better riders and all had double clears. We were definitely making up the numbers today (as both our rounds were the discard score). But that’s OK. We did it!

Sadly I’m now sporting a black eye where I head butted a metal corner in the lorry. That’s definitely not a first for me.…

Always learning

Took a moment to read this on my way for day 2. I’m at the Society of Endocrinology Conference so felt right to learn a little bit more about the subject matter. Though I seem to have an air of a medical professional as I’ve been asked several times today if I’m a professor. It must be the glasses….

I’m here representing Addison’s disease and Adrenal Insufficiency. A subject I’m learning a lot about. It’s been fascinating chatting to people about their medical experiences. I’ve had conversations today about low testosterone, Cushings and thyroid issues to name but a few.

The human body is amazing. But when it goes wrong, boy can it go wrong.

Covid Land

This picture sums up the past 18 months in Covid Land for me. It’s given me time to rekindle my love of walking. And my appreciation for the beauty around me.

So much has changed in my life in that time. I’m going through a huge transformation. I’m growing as a person. I’m learning more about myself every day.

It can be exhausting some days. Other days I have boundless energy.

It’s made me stop, reflect and really understand what I want my life to look like. For that I’m grateful.

What’s your Covid photo?


Day 2 of camp and another brilliant day. In fact the whole camp was bloody brilliant! Yes, I’m a little overtired and emotional. Let’s just say we will both sleep well tonight.

Two brilliant lessons today. Out on the XC course this morning. Buddy was flying! He’s definitely got the hang of running and jumping. 👏🏻

We jumped 80s and 90s today. And a few we hadn’t jumped before. Got ‘save of the day’ too. I was not coming off. Especially in the water!!

This afternoon we finished with grids. I bloody love grids! So does Buddy it seems.

I’m over the moon with the progress we’ve made in the past few years. We’ve come a long way since our first camp.

It was also brilliant catching up with everyone. And meeting new people. Till the next time…

Course creator

For the past 18 weeks, I have been doing an online course. Each Friday I’ve spent 4 hours learning how to create my own online course. Today was the last session.

I’ve met some amazing people on this course. I’ve made friends with people from all over the world. It’s pushed me out of my comfort zone. It’s made me really look at who I am and what I stand for. It’s been quite the journey.

It’s been an incredible experience. Now it’s my turn to launch my own online course. More on that soon.

Tonight I raise a glass to my fellow course creators. You are all awesome!


Arrived safe and sound in preparation for our 3 day training camp. Took much longer than expected due to roadworks and my rather foolish plan to try and circumnavigate them. Would have been quicker to have stayed in the queue. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Still we’re all settled in for the night. Buddy seems to love B&B. Not sure if that’s just cause he gets haylage?!

Looking forward to learning lots in our 6 lessons. Bring it on…