Chair claimers

After feeling unsettled yesterday, today I felt the need to be productive. As the weather was OK, I headed to the garden.

Mowed both lawns and several hours of weeding later, it looking much better.

The kittens are loving the new lorry chairs I was gifted. I washed them and put them out to dry. Think they’ve definitely been claimed!


Dead wood

Today it was the turn of the front garden to be tamed. Even mowing the lawn made a huge difference. I got the hedge cutter out and cut back the hedge under my living room windows.

In the recent storms, it has started to sound like something out of a ‘Hammer House of Horror’ film as the branches scratched and banged on the windows. 😱

Still a long way to go but pleased with the result so far. Sometimes we need to get rid of the dead wood to allow things to grow again.

First cut

I decided to have a garden day today. Mowed my back lawn for the first time in 2022. And tidied up the borders. Still lots to do, but I’ve made a start.

Want to crack on with the front lawn and borders next weekend.

The brown bin was creaking. I find gardening really rewarding. It’s hard work sure. But the results are worth it. The bad news is that I’ve cleared a lot, so will need more plants. 🤪

My helpers

After a bit of a slow start (I woke up feeling rather crumpled), I’ve had a very productive day. I mowed and scarified both lawns, weeded the borders and attacked a few bushes for good measure.

Also got 3 loads of washing on the line. Hurrah!

The kittens came to help me with the weeding. I say helping. Hugo wanted to lie on the bit I was weeding and Dodo ran off with one of my gloves. They do make me laugh sometimes.


After being away last weekend and a busy week, I needed some Buddy time. Took him out for a long hack this afternoon. Being out in nature with my boy feeds my soul more than anything else. I know I’ve said it before, but I really do live in a beautiful part of the world.

I did my best to make my tiny bit of the world beautiful too. I spent most of the day in the garden. I mowed both lawns. They’d both gone a bit bonkers with all the rain. It was tough going, but always looks so much better when it’s done.

Boys together

I picked up Nero’s ashes today. He’s back with his brother now. I need to sort out the front garden so that I can bury them out there together. They both used to love sleeping in the border there. Seems a great place for them. 😻😻

I’ve decided I want to get rid of most of the grass out there. I say grass, it’s more moss and weeds. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Any tips on how to kill grass gratefully received.


Sometimes I question my life choices. Sometimes I don’t. Today has been an example of both.

I questioned my sanity somewhat at lunchtime as I decided to mow both lawns. It was a tad warm to say the least. I’d left the front lawn to ‘No Mow May’. That proved some challenge given the rain we’d had. It was very long.

This afternoon, however, I’m loving the choice I made to help a friend out and take her and her son kart racing. My inner petrolhead is out in force. I’d love to get in a kart right now and go for a spin.

Forgotten just how much I love motorsports.

The great outdoors

I’ve spent most of the day outdoors. And loved it.

Started with breakfast on the patio with the boys. It was a beautiful way to start the day.

Then mowed and scarified the back lawn. It desperately needed it. I may have overdone the scarifying as I have a couple of bald spots. Whoops!

Then finished with a long hack in the afternoon sunshine. We weren’t alone as everyone seemed to have the same idea. Saw lots of cyclists, walkers and tractors out and about.