The mundane

Well it felt good to sleep in my own bed last night. I’ve been away a lot in December with one thing and another.

Not that I’m complaining! I love being away. The downside is that I can get behind with the mundane chores. So today I pottered and caught up a bit. Did the laundry, housework and tidied up.

Ventured to the supermarket too. It was slim pickings for breakfast this morning. Missed being catered for. So I bought myself a posh pie amongst other things.

Not to be left out, I got Buddy some parsnips. And the kittens some posh cat food. Well there has to be an upside to the mundane.



One thing I’d forgotten about Eventing is the amount of stuff you need. And the amount of washing there is to do afterwards! Once again, my conservatory looks like a Chinese laundry.

Got 2 saddles and a bridle to clean but ran out of steam. It’s totally worth it though.

Summer feelings

What a glorious day it’s been. Can’t believe how warm it’s been I’ve had the conservatory doors open all day and still been warm.

Managed to get my duvet and the bedding on the line. Everything toasty dry.

Had a full on day. All good stuff though so the day has flown by. Happy Monday everyone!