Jump into 2023

Buddy and I had our first lesson of 2023. I was a little apprehensive as our last lesson of 2022 ended with a face plant for us both. I needn’t have worried. Buddy was in good form.

As it was the first lesson, we kept it simple. Still we were flying over a 105cm upright. Buddy found his springs for sure.

Got home and it was time to open the laptop and get back to work. I’ve really enjoyed my time off over Christmas and New Year. It’s been a fab break with lots of lovely people.

Dodo was very happy indeed that I was back at the laptop. He was purring so loudly on my lap.



I’ve had a bit of a frustrating day if I’m honest. One of those days where I feel I’ve gone round the houses and not really achieved much.

I picked up my new laptop on Monday. It’s super exciting. And super fast! My old laptop has served me well for 10 years so it owes me nothing. But I’ve been struggling recently so it was time to replace it.

I’ve started moving files over to my new laptop. It said it was going to take 4 days, so I closed the lid and went to ride.… I’ll have another crack tomorrow.

I’m hoping that my new laptop will mean I can work faster and more efficiently. As it’s Chinese, I’ve called it Mushu. Disney fans will get it.


Without stating the bleeding obvious, it’s been REALLY hot today. I’ve been melting over my laptop. I could feel the heat pouring in from the conservatory. Which was where the kittens slept today. Nutters!

Curtains closed, fan on and lots of fluids. It definitely helped. Finished the day sat in the shade listening to an interview with one of the founders of Brewdog. Really interesting guy.

There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Wall to wall blue skies today in Costa Del Brundall.

Stompy walk

After a very long day in front of the laptop, I desperately needed some fresh air this evening. It was too late to take Buddy out, so I went for a stompy walk instead.

I love a good stompy walk. It clears the head, gets the blood pumping and the heart rate up.

After all of the rain today, it looked so green and smelt so fresh. Since I last walked this route, they’ve made some changes. This field has been planted with something rather different. Couldn’t work out what it was so will keep checking on it.

Still it’s been a very productive day as I got the magazine I’ve been working on over to the designer. Excited to see the artwork soon.


So it seemed that I wasn’t to do any work today. My laptop did an update this morning. Nothing unusual there. 6 hours it took in the end. And multiple reboots, diagnostics and much swearing. I’m blaming the full moon, lunar eclipse and solar flares. 😂

Still my day wasn’t all bad. Took Buddy down the road to the Hall and popped a few jumps in the sun. He got a picnic hack on the way back. He loves this time of year when the cow parsley and cleavers are out. He practically inhales them.

Friday feeling

After a long day on the laptop, spending time with Buddy was just what I needed. Wasn’t expecting the rain though. It was so loud on the roof. Very grateful for the indoor school.

All in all it’s been a pretty good week. I’m definitely looking forward to the weekend.

Square eyes

After spending this morning on my laptop, I thought I’d try a different exercise with Buddy. This square is an exercise that we did with Caroline Moore. I’m pleased to say we’ve massively improved on that particular car crash!

It may look easy but it really got Buddy focused and I had to plan ahead.

Then back to my laptop for a networking meeting this evening. I’m a bit zoomed out now.