Crash barrier

The kittens have been big fans of climbing over the fence in my garden. It needs replacing (it’s on the list) so has seen better days. Every time one of them has climbed over it, the panel wobbles. I was a bit worried they were going to take it down.

Seems they’ve decided that it’s safer to go through the fence! Noticed today that the bottom has been broken to make a rather large opening. Not sure if my neighbour did this or if it was the kittens. Let’s face it, Hugo can be a bit of a bulldozer at times.

Either way, they love running in and out of the garden and next door’s.


Fur real

The kittens are not big fans of the freezing temperatures and ice it seems. They are refusing to leave the house other than to go and do their business (grateful for that)!

This morning they were tearing round the house like loons. They were play fighting and fighting over toys. Typical children huh?!

Heard a commotion so came to investigate. Found huge clumps of fur everywhere. Play fighting seemed to have got a bit rough!

Went to get the hoover, well that shifted them outside. They are even less fans of the hoover. They were both glaring at me through the conservatory doors. Such a mean mother…


So it appears I may have a mild concussion after my fall on Wednesday. Woke up feeling rather dizzy. Took me a while to get vertical without the world spinning. It was very reminiscent of when I had vertigo.

So I cut myself some slack and had chilled day. After doing my meetings and some work, I headed to the conservatory to join the kittens. It was gorgeous in the sunshine. Even though there had been another thick frost.

Yesterday when I got back, I put the ‘ski mask’ on the Comedy Car to help keep the frost out. Needed to pop out this afternoon and it appears that overnight the ski mask had blown off. So still had to scrape the car anyway. Best laid plans. And not great when you’re feeling off kilter.


The cold I’ve been fighting off has taken hold so today has been a me day. The twig burner has been going all day and I’ve been snuggled on the sofa with the kittens. They’re not the best ‘nurses’ but they do make great hot water bottles.

I watched a couple of movies. First Aquaman (I’m a fan of DC), then Despicable Me 3 (I’m a fan of animated movies). Polar opposites but equally enjoyable.

Early night for me I’m guessing! Normal service will be resumed soon.

Chair claimers

After feeling unsettled yesterday, today I felt the need to be productive. As the weather was OK, I headed to the garden.

Mowed both lawns and several hours of weeding later, it looking much better.

The kittens are loving the new lorry chairs I was gifted. I washed them and put them out to dry. Think they’ve definitely been claimed!


I took some time to reflect today. I consider myself lucky that I can create my own schedule. It’s one of the benefits of being the boss. Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of challenges to being the boss too.

I get to do something I love, work with some amazing people and make a difference in people’a lives.

Same goes for my personal life, I’m grateful to have an amazing horse, two loving kittens and fabulous friends. I get to try new things and make memories along the way.

Sometimes it’s easy to focus on the things we don’t have rather than the things we do. So today I celebrate what I have. And I’m working on the things I don’t….


Not my finest day. I woke up at 10am! With a head cold! Full of snot and fuzzy headed. Deep joy. Guessing I’ve overdone it over the past few weeks. 😩 So a day of rest and doing very little for me. God that’s dull?!

Yesterday I made a few decisions that would free up my day so I could catch up on stuff. That went out of the window.

Spent most of the day sunning myself in the conservatory with the kittens. Typical that the weather has improved too.

While sat there, I spotted something in the border, so went to investigate it. These masks get everywhere?! Guessing it was blown here yesterday in the high winds.

It’s now been put in the bin where it belongs.

Tiger tiger

Welcome to the year of the Tiger! My little tigers were very pleased to see me after a long day at work. Or that could have been cupboard love?

I was peopling at my Chiropractor’s. It’s so fun meeting lots of different people.

After dinner the kittens had a funny 5 minutes where they zoomed round the house and play fighting. They do make me laugh.

Cuddle up

Apparently today is National Cuddle Up Day. Dodo is on point as he climbed onto my arms to have a cuddle. Hugo then decided to try and get on my lap. It did not end well. Now they’re both sulking at different ends of the sofa. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Buddy gave me a lovely cuddle too earlier. Perfect on a cold day. Thought it did take a long time to be able to feel my feet, hands and face again after riding.