Today we headed back to Forest Edge Arena for a BHS Clinic with Caroline Meads. Safe to say Buddy and I had a workout. We had a group flat lesson this morning. We worked on keeping a consistent contact. I’ve been very down on myself lately with our flat work. I felt like we haven’t been progressing. After 6 years together, we still can’t maintain a decent outline. Naturally, I look to me first. So was good to hear that it’s not all me. And get more tools for the toolkit.

Then this afternoon we had a private jumping lesson. How lucky was that?! Of course, I was soon questioning this when we were put through our paces again. In the jumping lesson we worked on the quality of Buddy’s canter.

Let’s just say we were both dripping by the end of it. Buddy needs clipping again. He was only clipped a month ago, but you’d never know. His coat has come through so quickly.

You can’t see the steam coming off him. And you definitely didn’t need to see a very sweaty me!

Jump high

Took Buddy for a jumping clinic over at WHW. It was with a new instructor, Simon Grieve. I get nervous with new instructors. I’ve learnt that if I tell the instructor, it helps me. I needn’t have worried. He put me at ease and couldn’t have been more supportive.

Lots of different lines and jumps today. Buddy was a superstar. Bit forward at times, but once we agreed on the appropriate pace, he flew everything.

So proud of my little boy. When it’s good, it’s really, really good.