I know I sound like a broken record, but my goodness it was cold today. I had to scrape ice off the inside of my car last night when I left the party. That was interesting sitting in the car park waiting till I could see enough to safely drive.

Today I headed back to WHW Snetterton to watch day 2 of lessons. The fields were frozen but the ponies were very happy munching on the hay.

It was lovely catching up with everyone. It was the same jump floor plan as Buddy and I did yesterday. It was really interesting to see how it rode from the ground.

The downside to being on the ground is that I got very cold (even with multiple layer).

It may have taken a while for my feet to thaw out but it was fun watching everyone.

Fur real

The kittens are not big fans of the freezing temperatures and ice it seems. They are refusing to leave the house other than to go and do their business (grateful for that)!

This morning they were tearing round the house like loons. They were play fighting and fighting over toys. Typical children huh?!

Heard a commotion so came to investigate. Found huge clumps of fur everywhere. Play fighting seemed to have got a bit rough!

Went to get the hoover, well that shifted them outside. They are even less fans of the hoover. They were both glaring at me through the conservatory doors. Such a mean mother…

Ice ice baby

Well I wasn’t expecting snow and ice this morning. It was a bit hairy getting off the close this morning I can tell you. Well once I’d a) got out of my front door that was frozen shut, b) opened the car doors that were frozen shut and c) defrosted the ice off the inside of the car!!!

The last one isn’t something I expected or really knew how to deal with. Needless to say, I got covered in ice! Good job I had lots of layers on.

Still when I did get to the yard, I had a brilliant flat lesson with Lewis. Buddy worked his little socks off. We were both glowing by the end! So grateful to have an indoor school to ride in on days like this.

Ice feathers

I’m loving these ice feathers on my boot room window this afternoon. Isn’t nature amazing!?!

I’m sure one of my clever friends will be able to tell me why this happens. There’s something magical about it.

Wearing a billion layers to leave the house isn’t quite as magical. This cold snap has definitely got teeth right now.