Burghley Baby

I‘d forgotten just how stunning Burghley House is. It was definitely worth the 5:30am alarm call to get there for the final inspection. Having been away, I hadn’t had a chance to catch up on any of the XC action from yesterday. It seems like it was a tough track so there weren’t as many as I’d expected.

Got to watch some great show jumping and thrilled for Alice Casburn and Piggy March! Norfolk girls representing!!

It’s been an amazing weekend. I’ve driven nearly 400 miles. Spend some time with wonderful people. Achieved something I didn’t think I could. I’m now flopped on the sofa watching the Burghley highlights. I’m officially shattered.


Today was a bit of a self-care day. With a lot of tidying, cleaning and general decluttering going on. Well that was the plan. Kinda feel like I moved stuff around the house or into the garage.

Now the garage needs a good tidy!! That’s on the list too.

Took Buddy out for a long hack this afternoon. The maize has grown even taller. It was windy so it makes quite a noise. I know I say it a lot, but I do love where I live.

I mean, just look at that view…