Light and shade

Gosh it’s been hot again today. I know I sound like a broken record, but it’s getting a bit tiresome now. I’m really, really, REALLY hoping the rain they’re forecasting next week arrives. We desperately need it right now.

Still the heat has given me time to catch up on a few podcasts. The kittens joined me in the shade while I listened to them.



My dog sitting duties are over. They were exceptionally well behaved. Took them out for an early walk to beat the heat. Thankfully there was a cooling breeze as it’s been a tad warm again.

I was at a bit of a loose end this morning. I felt very decadent as I had nothing to do. So the dogs and I watched a film called ‘The Sea Beast’. It was an animation and really sweet.

When I got home, I pottered in the garden for a bit (before I got too hot). Then went and gave Buddy a bath (and I didn’t mind getting sprayed too).


Without stating the bleeding obvious, it’s been REALLY hot today. I’ve been melting over my laptop. I could feel the heat pouring in from the conservatory. Which was where the kittens slept today. Nutters!

Curtains closed, fan on and lots of fluids. It definitely helped. Finished the day sat in the shade listening to an interview with one of the founders of Brewdog. Really interesting guy.

There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Wall to wall blue skies today in Costa Del Brundall.

Big smoke

This was my office today. Another early start as I was on the 6:30am train to London. I was part of the events’ team running an AGM. The venue was in Smithfield Market. The windows were stunning. One of the sun’s was missing. Apparently it was blown out in WWII.

The day was very successful and ran very smoothly. I also got to go on the new Elizabeth line. Super cool. Literally, as it’s all air conditioned. Good job too as it was rather hot today.

I love being back in London. Having worked there for many years, it’s so familiar and comfortable.

Now on the way home.


Well I don’t know about anyone else, but my brain has been utterly fried today! It’s been so hot! 🥵

A friend and I took her dogs for an early walk through the woods. It was lovely and cool in there.

I tried to work but it was so hot I couldn’t concentrate. So I headed to the shade in the garden to listen to some training and a podcast.

In other news, it’s Buddy 4 – Poultice 0. He really doesn’t want it on. I’ll trot him up again on Monday and see how he is. 🤞🏻


I found this travel mug in my cupboard. It was a free one I got from Nespresso. I say free, it was one of those spend a fortune and get a gift ones.

I’d totally forgot it. But needed one today as I was working all day at my Chiropractor’s. I’ve used many a travel mug, but my goodness, this is one of the most effective I’ve had.

I burnt my tongue so many times today as it kept my drinks at Vesuvius levels. Is it possible for something to be too effectiveness?!

It looks so pretty though…


Sometimes I question my life choices. Sometimes I don’t. Today has been an example of both.

I questioned my sanity somewhat at lunchtime as I decided to mow both lawns. It was a tad warm to say the least. I’d left the front lawn to ‘No Mow May’. That proved some challenge given the rain we’d had. It was very long.

This afternoon, however, I’m loving the choice I made to help a friend out and take her and her son kart racing. My inner petrolhead is out in force. I’d love to get in a kart right now and go for a spin.

Forgotten just how much I love motorsports.

Hot stuff

Though I’d try these. I’m a sucker for a new product. Yes I’m a Marketing Man’s dream. And as a Marketeer, I know exactly what’s going on. Still fall for it.

These really should have come with some sort of health warning though. Honestly, after 2 or 3, I couldn’t feel my mouth anymore. My lips were tingling and my tongue felt too big for my mouth.

Didn’t stop me eating half the tube though. 😝