So there seems to be a bit of a reoccurring theme when I visit my parents. I either forget something. Or need to buy more of something. The latter is usually due to the fact I’m not totally sure how long I’m going to be here. The former can come from the speed with which I need to get here.

This is today’s purchase. Yup, guess who forget the phone charger?! I have a car one, but that means sitting in the car while it charges. Fine yesterday when I took Dad to the hospital. But sadly no trips today as Dad is in for another night.

At least I can charge my phone. And I won’t miss the bright orange charger next time. Or that’s the hope!



Anyone who knows my Mum will know her love of a frothy coffee. So today I took her one when I went to visit her. It put a smile on her face.

She’s doing well but not ready to come home yet. Dad is also doing well. And actually listening to me telling him to rest.

He wanted a burger for dinner. So good daughter that I am, I drove to Hickstead to get him Burger King. Well makes a change from driving to Hickstead to watch horses.

Visiting hours

Bit of deja vue today as I’m back in Haywards Heath visiting my Dad in hospital. FB told me it was a year since I had to drop everything to look after Mum when Dad was rushed in. Sadly we’ve had a few more visits in that year.

Today I got to visit them both! Different wards, but at least the same hospital this time. I’ve had them in different ones before.

They’re both in for the weekend. So looks like I’ll be doing a few visiting hours.

It’s been a stressful few days I can tell you.

Groundhog Day

Well February hasn’t gotten off to the best start. My Dad was rushed into hospital yesterday.

After a bit of a scramble to make sure Mum was supported. And rearranging appointments and work stuff. I headed down to West Sussex today. After checking on Mum, I headed to the hospital to see him. He’s not great right now. But being well looked after.

Feels a bit like Groundhog Day as it wasn’t long ago he was rushed into hospital before. Ironically it was actual Groundhog Day yesterday.


Finally got to see Dippy today. Love the juxtaposition of him being in Norwich Cathedral. Very cool. A great exhibition too. It was my first time inside the cathedral too. Wow! I had no idea it was stunning.

It seems like a long time ago though as I got back to find that my Dad has been rushed into hospital. Again. So I packed a bag and drove down to look after my Mum. Again.

All prayers and healing vibes gratefully received. Again.

Cause a stir

I had my Echo today to check my heart after having Covid. My car was still in the garage so the Buddymobile got a run to the hospital. So grateful that there were 4 spaces free so I was able to park it up. Got a few funny looks I can tell you…