Mobile again

The Buddymobile is back and all fixed. 👏🏻 Such a relief to know it was something simple. Diesel starvation apparently so a non-return valve later, it was all sorted.

All ready for our next clinic on Saturday.

Carbo offset

Got this email today. Have to say I think it’s a pretty good one. I tend to use the Shell Garage for my lorry, so good to know that our carbon emissions are being offset.

So far we’ve offset more than Buddy and my weight combined. 👏🏻

New views

Today Buddy and I headed over somewhere new. We went over to hack with some new people. We had such a fab time. Boy was it hot! Wearing black jodhpurs wasn’t my best idea. Talk about hot thighs!

We really are so lucky to have such beautiful scenery. And such wonderful horses.

Be prepared

Today I gave the Buddymobile a good spring clean. The living is sparkling, the lockers are all tidy and everything is back where it lives.

As the lorry was out, thought I’d take the chance to load Buddy. It’s been a few months since we’ve been anywhere so always good to keep our hand in. He was fairly chilled and loaded several times.

Just need somewhere to go…

Cause a stir

I had my Echo today to check my heart after having Covid. My car was still in the garage so the Buddymobile got a run to the hospital. So grateful that there were 4 spaces free so I was able to park it up. Got a few funny looks I can tell you…