Hoof soup

You know it’s been hot when your tub of hoof dressing looks more like soup! It’s a tad melted. Still works though, even if it was running down Buddy’s hooves.

He had the farrier tonight. Since he had to have his shoe off for a bit a few weeks back, he’s lost a big chunk out of his hoof. It looks a bit of a mess. But Buddy doesn’t seem bothered by it. And he’d kept the shoe on without issue.

Given the problems he’s had with that hoof, my farrier asked me to trot him up after he’d shod him. Poor Buddy was uncomfortable on that hoof again. So off the shoe came and after a few adjustments and nailed it was back on differently, Buddy was good again. So glad we checked.



Looks who’s got four pedals again!! It’s been a very long week and a bit of a struggle, mostly trying to keep a poultice on. Buddy really didn’t want it on. And there’s no sign of an abscess anyway.

Trotted up OK, so shoe back on and see how he goes. Fingers crossed for my boy.