Dead wood

Today it was the turn of the front garden to be tamed. Even mowing the lawn made a huge difference. I got the hedge cutter out and cut back the hedge under my living room windows.

In the recent storms, it has started to sound like something out of a ‘Hammer House of Horror’ film as the branches scratched and banged on the windows. 😱

Still a long way to go but pleased with the result so far. Sometimes we need to get rid of the dead wood to allow things to grow again.


Trimmed bushes

Yesterday my next door neighbour popped round and asked if I wanted his gardener to give me a quote to cut back my hedges and bushes. They had gotten rather out of hand, so it was a good call.

Being British, I apologised profusely for letting them get so overgrown. They were encroaching on his driveway somewhat. He’s 96 and so lovely, I did feel awful.

So bright and early the garden crew was there and all of my hedges and bushes were give a rather dramatic post-lockdown haircut!

I can now see just how much they’ve grown and how congested the borders have gotten. I can feel a cull coming on…