Buddy is a big fan of foraging in the hedgerow. So after our lunge session, I took him for a wander. He LOVES blackberries. So much so that he looked like he was wearing purple lipstick.

He was very happy. And that makes me very happy.

Pretty toes

Today I did something that I haven’t done for years. I painted my toenails. Not sure what came over me. But it made me very happy. OK, so they do look like a small child has done them. But who cares?!

Self-care comes in many guises. This was mine for today.

Keep on rolling

Thought I’d give Buddy a hose down after our ride today. It’s been so warm, he was a little sweaty (as was I as I got my layers totally wrong).

Walked him out to the fields to dry off in the sunshine and he rolled! 😂 I didn’t have my phone to capture his enthusiastic rolling efforts. But here is the aftermath.

Took ages to brush the wet mud off so that I could put his rug back on. Made me laugh as he looked so happy with himself.

If wishes were ponies

Today Buddy and I got to do something rather special. We made two girls very happy indeed. In fact the words ‘best Christmas Eve ever’ might have been said a few times.

Buddy was so gentle with them. And walked round the indoor arena looking after them while they both had pony rides.

Just when I think I can’t love him more…


A few weeks ago one of gentlemen on my meal delivery route mentioned that he’d run out of books to read. So I took him a bag of books that I had in the garage. Tonight he handed me this. He’d found it in one of the books.

This was for the flight when I got married. For a long time afterwards, I couldn’t think about my wedding without being sad. It was the last time I saw my brother before his death.

NLP coaching really helped me to look back at the events in a different way. I’m grateful I found it. And very grateful I get to help others using it too.

Even though I’m no longer married, I smiled tonight when I saw this boarding pass. It brought back happy memories. All part of my life story.