Camp hangover

So yesterday my body ached. Today it was my brain! I woke up feeling decidedly fuzzy. A friend summed it up perfectly – a camp hangover!

Still got the last of the laundry done and dry. Honestly, going away to camp is like going on holiday with a toddler. So much stuff!

It was a lovely day, so I had lunch in the garden. Hugo had made a nest in the border. Every time I tried to get a photo, he came to see me. Not quite the idea.

On the other hand, Dodo was in full pose mode. He’s so handsome. Though I wasn’t quite so keen on him when he brought a mouse in the house. Thankfully for me, it was dead. Not so good for the mouse I grant you.

Now that I’ve cleared up after camp. It’s time to start packing for Champs. At least I’m not competing till Sunday so we can get there at a leisurely pace tomorrow. Fingers crossed everyone!


Vaccination hangover

I had boundless energy last night and like I could dance for hours. Today I woke up feeling like I had! The only way to describe it was a hangover. I felt woozy, wobbly and with no energy. All very odd. In fact I still feel a bit odd. Sure it’ll go soon enough. And trust me, it’s nothing like having a Covid.

Had a duvet day and took it really easy. Went to do my meal deliveries though. One of the chaps I deliver to gave me an Easter present. So sweet. Makes me realise how much they appreciate the delivery. They all said that they weren’t sure if they’d see me today. But we’re all very pleased they did.