This is what happens when you try to take a Halloween picture of your black cat with a pumpkin you grew.

He tried to kill it. Made me laugh. What is it they say about working with children and animals…?!

Halloween hangover

So it appears I am channelling vampire tendencies again. Got a few odd looks today as a result. The trouble is that I totally forgot about it. Till someone mentions it.

Not a clue what causes it, but I can get them when I’m over tired. The last few weeks (months / years) have caught up with me a bit. Feeling rather tired today. So looking forward to an early night. Not very vampire at all.

Halloween was so last month…. Normal Pip service will be back soon.


Given Buddy’s had a bit of time off while I was away, I thought it best to lunge him today. I was expecting a bit of a horror show but he was rather sedate.

I’ve been forgiven it seems as he gave me lots of nuzzles and a bit of grooming. He makes my heart burst, he really does.

Looking forward to hacking out tomorrow.