Cloud busting

Buddy and I got trapped today. I was planning on taking him out for a hack. But as I was tacking up, the heavens opened and it threw it down!!

And not just rain, hail stones, thunder and lightening. A proper Summer storm. It was so heavy, I didn’t want to leave his stable. In fact I could barely see the other side of the stable yard. Eventually it eased enough for us to make a break to the indoor arena.

As you can tell Buddy was thrilled by it all.


Four seasons

It was definitely four seasons in one day today. And no I’m not talking about the pizza or the hotel. Woke up to a dusting of snow. Then had sunshine, hail, snow, sleet and high winds! Sometimes all at the same time!

This was what Dodo thought of it. He and Hugo didn’t leave the house all day. Can’t say I blame them. I kept thinking that I would brave it to the yard when the sun shone, but 5 mins later it was snowing / hailing / sleeting.

Bizarre when last week I got sunburnt…

Hail Buddy

I’m coming out of my malaise. Rover, my ‘black dog’, is heading back to the shadows once more. I’m processing more layers of my onion. Things I thought I’d resolved, clearly need more investigation. It’s exhausting so I’ve been really kind to myself today.

Thought I’d take Buddy out for a hack to clear my head. The weather had other ideas as we got trapped in his stable due to a hailstorm. So we headed to the indoor school instead.

Thank you so much for the messages, comments and love you’ve sent me. It helps more than you know to know I’m loved and supported.

Storm Eunice

I don’t know about you, but I’ve spent most of the day watching the weather change. It’s been howling most of it. In between sunshine, rain, hail and black skies.

My little house has been creaking. The conservatory sounded like it was going to take off at one point. Thankfully it’s all still standing so far.

After Storm Dudley yesterday, Storm Eunice was much fiercer. They sound like an old couple who’ve had a tiff! Dudley gave his best, but my god Eunice has had the last word!

Hope you’re all safe.


Well today felt like we’d gone back to winter! It’s been torrential rain, hail and very cold. Rather fortunate to time it right and be able to hack in the sunshine.

The rain has meant that the bluebells in my front garden have exploded! I do love bluebells.

Hail Dodo

This is the face of a cat who’s been woken up by the hail on the conservatory roof. I was listening to some online training, had to stop it as I couldn’t hear it over the noise. All 3 cats weren’t impressed!

It’s been one of those days where we’ve had 4 seasons in one day. From glorious sunshine to sleet, with rain and hail mixed in for good measure.

My garden day turned into a house day instead. Ticked lots off the list, so can’t complain. Happy Sunday everyone.