Awesome foursome

Today saw the return of the Awesome Foursome. My hacking partner has been on holiday and Buddy’s been out of action, so it’s been a while since we hacked out. But this was very good for the soul. Lots to catch up on as we wandered about.

We even faced the ’waterer of doom’ on the way back. It makes quite a noise as it clicks round. The boys were incredibly well behaved.

Oh and it’s good to know that my
Hi-Viz is super bright! You ain’t missing us!!

Keep going

I had an unexpected free weekend so decided to take Buddy out for a long hack. Wasn’t quite planning on 2.5 hours though!!

It was one of those days where I just wanted to keep going. So I did! We twisted and turned and went new routes.

Buddy has more members of his fan club. We met some kids out walking who all wanted to say hello and take a selfies with him. He was so patient with them.

My legs were feeling it when we got back. I now get why cowboys walk funny. 😉

Heavy traffic

Lorries seem to be a bit of a theme this week. Today we came across 3 huge lorries out on our hack.

Faced with huge HGVs that rattle and clank (the empty ones make more noise than the full ones), even the best horses can have a wobble. Today, we had hacking rockstars. Helped by the drivers. They were exceptional.

They stopped when asked so we had time to get onto the bank and settle the horses. They drove past us as slowly as they could. They checked to make sure our horses were calm. Then drove away with care and consideration.

It doesn’t always happen, so I sent an email to the company to thank you.

As if that wasn’t enough, we then had to deal with a tractor cutting hedges on the way back. Jeez that made a racket. Even though Buddy wasn’t sure, he donned his brave pants and walked past.

Long wait

The last time this happened was nearly 6 years ago. And we were both riding different horses. It was worth the wait though. Lovely hack out with Colette and Sky today.

It was very, very windy. My new coat passed with flying colours (flying was right at points as everything was flapping in the wind). I was very toasty indeed. Thankfully we missed the rain too.


After being away last weekend and a busy week, I needed some Buddy time. Took him out for a long hack this afternoon. Being out in nature with my boy feeds my soul more than anything else. I know I’ve said it before, but I really do live in a beautiful part of the world.

I did my best to make my tiny bit of the world beautiful too. I spent most of the day in the garden. I mowed both lawns. They’d both gone a bit bonkers with all the rain. It was tough going, but always looks so much better when it’s done.

Camp life again

What a wonderful way to start our latest camp. A hack round the forest with Maria and Sky followed by lunch and puppy cuddles.

Camp officially started this afternoon. I’m stuffed after the welcome BBQ. First lessons tomorrow. Excited to be back.

Wise woman

Finally I was able to get over to Anna’s to hack out with her and Alfie. It’s been months. In fact the last time we hacked together was Halloween!

It was wonderful to catch up. We didn’t stop talking the whole way round. There was a lot to catch up on.

And I got to have cuddles with her new puppy! Talk about cherry on top.


Today I’m better than I was. My brain isn’t working very well. I’m exhausted from the crying.

Nero was such a big part of my life for so many years. It’s going to take time to get used to him not being here.

I knew it was coming. Doesn’t make it easier though.

I did a great healing meditation earlier. Then took Buddy out for a hack. And had a blast up the gallops on Buddy.

That helped. Put a huge smile on my face.

New views

Today Buddy and I headed over somewhere new. We went over to hack with some new people. We had such a fab time. Boy was it hot! Wearing black jodhpurs wasn’t my best idea. Talk about hot thighs!

We really are so lucky to have such beautiful scenery. And such wonderful horses.