Friday feeling

Well this is a view I haven’t had for a while. I’ve been so busy recently that it feels like ages since we went out for a hack round Strumpshaw. It was much needed indeed.

We even had a cheeky canter as the ground is perfect at the moment. That’s something we haven’t been able to do for ages either as the ground has been too hard. If the rain continues, it’ll be too slippery.

Honestly, people wonder why us Brits are obsessed with the weather. It’s cause its so changeable. At this time of year, it feels like four seasons in one day. It’s definitely four outfits too as I feel like I’m layering on and off.


I love finishing the day with a hack. There’s something wonderful about a Summer evening ride. It’s so still. And hardly a soul about.

Sadly the same can’t be said for the horseflies and other bitey creatures!! I put fly spray on Buddy. Which means they bother him less. The downside is that the bitey things then pick on me instead. I killed 8 horseflies tonight!

Honestly, we wait all year for nice weather. Then within minutes, the ground is too hard. It’s too dusty. And there’s too many bugs around. 😆

Can’t fault the view though…

Clear head

This was the perfect way to end my day. Me and my boy out for a wander.

Since he’s had his bit in the correct way, he’s been so much more relaxed and so light in the contact. Fingers crossed it continues. Poor boy must have been so uncomfortable.

After the rain and thunder today, it felt good to be outside. It definitely cleared my head.

Different vista

Buddy and I headed over to Thurne to meet up with a friend and her horse for a hack this morning. It’s been a while, so we had a lot to catch up. Good job we were out for 1.5 hours then.

There were so many boats on the Broads. It was lovely to see.

When I got back I decided to give Buddy’s bedroom a clear out and packed away his winter rugs. So I apologise now if we have a cold snap…


So it seemed that I wasn’t to do any work today. My laptop did an update this morning. Nothing unusual there. 6 hours it took in the end. And multiple reboots, diagnostics and much swearing. I’m blaming the full moon, lunar eclipse and solar flares. 😂

Still my day wasn’t all bad. Took Buddy down the road to the Hall and popped a few jumps in the sun. He got a picnic hack on the way back. He loves this time of year when the cow parsley and cleavers are out. He practically inhales them.

Easy breezy

I spent many hours in the garden today. I’ve ticked so many things off my garden to-do list. Felt very good.

Headed to the yard to see Buddy. And ended up going out for a hack. Rather windy out, definitely blew away any cobwebs.

Pony pals

Buddy made a new friend today. In fact, I’d say they were pretty enamoured with each other. He kept looking at her and she kept looking back. 😊

Lovely hack out with Rachel and her beautiful Midge. It may have been windy, but at least we missed the rain.

Two pony play dates in one week Buddy Boy! Such a lucky boy.

Storm Dudley

It was rather breezy out on our hack today. There were a number of moments when it felt like we just stopped.

I’m kinda glad I did some desensitising with Buddy as there was a lot of flapping going on today. And that was just us! My coat and Buddy’s bum cover were in full flap-mode.

If there were any cobwebs left after my walk this morning, they’d definitely gone by the time I got back. 💨😝