Blooming heck

These beauties have bloomed again. I’m not complaining as they’re so pretty. But it’s October, right?!

Garden envy

This afternoon Colette and I headed over to East Ruston Old Vicarage for her birthday treat. On my days, talk about garden envy!

We spend the whole time saying ‘wow’. It’s absolutely stunning. We both agreed we need to come back in every season. Next trip is already planned for my birthday. 👏🏻

We came away with loads of inspiration, ideas and a few plants.

Trimmed bushes

Yesterday my next door neighbour popped round and asked if I wanted his gardener to give me a quote to cut back my hedges and bushes. They had gotten rather out of hand, so it was a good call.

Being British, I apologised profusely for letting them get so overgrown. They were encroaching on his driveway somewhat. He’s 96 and so lovely, I did feel awful.

So bright and early the garden crew was there and all of my hedges and bushes were give a rather dramatic post-lockdown haircut!

I can now see just how much they’ve grown and how congested the borders have gotten. I can feel a cull coming on…

Heavy machinery

I love seeing the combines in the fields. So does Buddy. He loves heavy machinery. He veers across the road to get closer to them. He stops to watch them. He’s such a funny boy.

After weeks of odd weather, today was just glorious. Wall to wall sunshine. Seemed only right to spend the day outdoors. Lawn mown, borders cleared and washing on the line. Topped off with a long hack.

I call that a pretty good day!


Over the years, my flower tastes have changed. I used to find hydrangeas ugly. Not sure why. Maybe it’s because I thought of them as old ladies flowers (careful!!). Now I love them. I have several in my garden and I will be adding more. This one has just started flowering. It’s so pretty.

Boys together

I picked up Nero’s ashes today. He’s back with his brother now. I need to sort out the front garden so that I can bury them out there together. They both used to love sleeping in the border there. Seems a great place for them. 😻😻

I’ve decided I want to get rid of most of the grass out there. I say grass, it’s more moss and weeds. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Any tips on how to kill grass gratefully received.


Today I laid siege to my back garden. I now look like I’ve been self-harming after battling some nettles and brambles.

The wet / warm weather has meant my borders have gotten slightly out of control. It’s looking slightly better now.

Full brown bin stopped play (or skirmish in my case). So I took Buddy out for a leg stretch.

I now need to plan my next attack on the front garden. I’ll leave that for another day…

Puppy cuddles

After a busy day in the garden, I headed to deepest darkest Suffolk. I’m at the Riding Club ODE at Poplar Park tomorrow, so took advantage it and caught up with Simon and Harry tonight.

Tried to get a selfie with their new puppy. He’s a tad squirmy. Now snuggled up in bed with their other puppy. Puppy cuddles are good.

National Trust

Today my friend Colette took me to Felbrigg Hall NT for my birthday outing. First time I’d been there. In fact it was the first time I’d heard of it. So glad we went though. It’s beautiful there. Wandered round the walled garden, had lunch in there cafe, then wandered some more through the woods and to the lake.

It was a lovely day indeed. And we managed to include a saddlery and a garden centre on the way back.

Lunch in the garden

After the snow, ice and freezing temperatures, it feels good to be able to get outside. Rather productive few hours cutting back the undergrowth. Still a lot to do. Good to make a start. And yes, I need to mow the lawn. I say lawn, it’s mostly moss. Good job I’ve got a scarifier. 😊