Have fun

Back home after a brilliant weekend away with Buddy at the Champs (see my other post for how that went).

This fence made me smile. I said I was going to have fun. And whatever else happened was a bonus. Well we certainly had fun together.


Speed demon

This is the face of someone who’s just let her horse gallop flat out up the gallop strip.

First time this year. And very much needed.

Not as much control as I would have liked over the speed as someone wanted to run!! He was definitely embracing his TB breeding today.

But he came back as soon as I asked and that’s the main thing. 🐎😍 Good job we both love going fast.


When I got to the yard, someone had set out some working equitation style obstacles. So I thought it would be fun to have a play.

It was brilliant fun. Buddy had to focus and listen to me as we twisted and turned our way around it all.