What a difference a day makes! After the howling gales yesterday, today was much calmer.

Buddy and I headed over to Blickling to meet up with Katie and Archie. She treated me to lunch afterwards. I’ve been making a real effort with my fuelling lately. I took a Huel shake with me yesterday for after my lesson. And again today. But let’s face it, a cheese and tomato toastie and a hot chocolate is much better than a shake!


Fuel in the tank

Well if this lot doesn’t keep me going, I’m not sure what will! Tried my first shake today before I headed to the yard. Can’t say it’s the best thing I’ve ever tasted, but needs must. And it certainly helped me get the calories I needed.

Got a great suggestion on how to make it more palatable. Bought 3 different flavours to try so will see which one I like the best. Might do a bit of mixing too. So far so good.