I ordered some cat food for the kittens. They seemed more excited about the box than the actual food. In fact I couldn’t actually open the box because they slept on it most of the day.

When I did get to open it, I found another box inside. And in that was 3 boxes of food. Talk about cat paradise! 5 boxes for them to claim… let alone the food. I will have happy kitties indeed.

Soul time

My amazing friend Katie has come to visit this weekend. It’s been great showing her my part of the world. We walked down to the yard so she could meet Buddy. He gave her a good sniff and said hello. He’s heard a lot about her. And her him so lovely for them to meet each other.

After chatting most of the day and putting the world to rights, we headed to The Cantley Cock for dinner. Proper pub grub. Stuffed now!

Box heaven

What’s better than a box to a cat? A box full of boxes of food of course!

Dodo was a very happy boy I can tell you. Until I removed the food. Then he went off the box. Hugo on the other hand thought it was amazing and has set up camp in it.

Cat logic huh?! They do make me laugh.

Simple pleasures

Another lovely lunch out today. This time at the Oaklands Hotel, Norwich. Their terrace is perfect for alfresco dining. The sun even made an appearance. Not quite ready to ditch my duvet coat just yet though.

This toilet roll holder made me smile. Sometimes it the simple pleasures in life. Good food, good company and a sheep on the wall.