Combined challenge

Well we’ve arrived at Aston-Le-Walls ready for the Combined Challenge Championships. Buddy was nice and chilled on the journey and settled into his stable like a pro. It was a novelty being chauffeured to an event.

Took him for a wander round and did a bit of schooling in the arena. He was a little eyes on stalks to start off with. But he had his emotional support pony, Halo by his side.

We then went to walk the course for tomorrow. Nothing that looked too bad. But that’s just me. Buddy may have other ideas.

Finished off by cooking for Sam. Yes you heard me right, I cooked! And no-one died or was injured. Let’s hope it’s the same tomorrow…


Small whale

I headed down to Suffolk today to meet up with a friend. We went out to a local pub for lunch and I made the fateful mistake of ordering Fish & Chips. When will I learn that this is usually code for ‘Small Whale & Chips’.

It was bloody good though. And so was the company.


Lovely evening at the Belgium Monk tonight. I bloody love mussels. So any chance to have them, I’m taking it.

They’re the kind of thing I would never cook at home. I mean, seriously?! I’m culinarily challenged at the best of time. Me cooking mussels has food poisoning written all over it…

It was the perfect end to a very good week.

New era

Great to be back at Carrow Road today for the FA Cup match against Blackburn.

New manager, same disappointing result. I guess he may need more than one training session to sort them out. 20 corners and not a sniff of a goal. Of well, at least I got to have a pie, hot chocolate and Twix brownie. There have to be some upsides.

And we stayed dry when the heaven’s opened. What’s the old adage? We can now focus on the league…

The mundane

Well it felt good to sleep in my own bed last night. I’ve been away a lot in December with one thing and another.

Not that I’m complaining! I love being away. The downside is that I can get behind with the mundane chores. So today I pottered and caught up a bit. Did the laundry, housework and tidied up.

Ventured to the supermarket too. It was slim pickings for breakfast this morning. Missed being catered for. So I bought myself a posh pie amongst other things.

Not to be left out, I got Buddy some parsnips. And the kittens some posh cat food. Well there has to be an upside to the mundane.


I ordered some cat food for the kittens. They seemed more excited about the box than the actual food. In fact I couldn’t actually open the box because they slept on it most of the day.

When I did get to open it, I found another box inside. And in that was 3 boxes of food. Talk about cat paradise! 5 boxes for them to claim… let alone the food. I will have happy kitties indeed.

Soul time

My amazing friend Katie has come to visit this weekend. It’s been great showing her my part of the world. We walked down to the yard so she could meet Buddy. He gave her a good sniff and said hello. He’s heard a lot about her. And her him so lovely for them to meet each other.

After chatting most of the day and putting the world to rights, we headed to The Cantley Cock for dinner. Proper pub grub. Stuffed now!